L - sculptures

Untitled - Screwing Tables - 1996 - engine, timer, wire, tables

A kitchen suspended on wires from a "work" table is intermittedly pushed by a device on the wall to produce linear, pendulum, circulare and subsequently all sorts of erotic, soft movements.

Brain, 1997 - Domain de Kerguéhennec, France

- sods of grass, iron, wood - 150 x 220 x 140- collection of the Centre d’Art Contemporain – Domaine de Kerguehennec (France).

This artwork is based on a Hungarian speech: 'Begyepesedett az agyam' that means literally: 'the grass grown on my brain' - that means: I became stupid. Despite this speech doesn't exist in English nor in French, the message comes out to other people, too.

Virgin or G-spot - 1996

glass, wire, weight -

Reference of Duchamp's "Virgin" compositions. The tension streches the wire letters of the word "virgin", suggesting the work's potential destiny.

Expanding Innovation - 2005

carved wood

Monument of Good Luck - 2000

bicykles, a sheet of glass - 180 x 140 x 2 cm

Gasprom - 2007

wood, golden smoke, 105 x 65 x 10 cm

Untitled - 1996 - engine, wire, table, glass, water

Untitled - 2000 -welded chain

Knitting coil - 1996

wire, magnets, iron, electric clock (Mobil)

Soultransporter - 2000

candles, photographs, etc.

"....one of whose subset is the Soul-transformer project. In a nutshell, it is about Pacsika asking his Hungarian artist friends, known figures in the art world, to light a cigarette, then he lights a cigarette from the smoldering ashes of theirs and takes the flame to the Zoo Gallery in Nantes so that his friends there can partake in the profane ceremony of mystic union. Grace Spreads in the Form of a Circle, Balázs Beöthy said in the title of his exhibit at the U.F.F. Gallery. Ildikó Petrina offers a light to Pacsika, and from the shielded flame Bruno Peinado prepares to light a cigarette, from which flame someone at MAMÜ Gallery is able to light a cigarette. This can go on – da capo al fine – as long as the fire, the cigarette and the art world last. "

Katalin Aknai

Zoo Gallery, Nantes

Trust nobody above thirty - 1996 - ventilation heating system to keep turning an object

Cloaca Massima - 1992 - plants, plastic, wood, paper