Cause and Effect - 2003

Computer, engine, wood, metal, sensors, etc.

A computer-controlled monitor hanging from the ceiling and swinging. On the screen is a young guy pushing the inner side of the monitor-box,moving with the same frequency as the monitor. It looks like the boy keeps moving and controls the swinging of the monitor. The cause an effect is switched around-in a visual and real way.

Empathy Generator - 2006


We can see the videorecordings of a stock market and a strike/walk out. As the sound cables are swapped, Brokers arrogate bread and work while workers want the shares.

The image and the sound cables of the dvd-players are swapped so the people int he stock-exchange screaming for job and bread and the striking people act the role of the brokers.

Untitled, video loop, 1996

Conspiration Theory Generator 2003, computer, printer, wood

! first, click on the image and touch the "space" on the keyboard!

Wittgenstein's House - video 1.00 min

Originally, I wanted to create an "inretinal" film, a situation in which I could see my life's film reeling off, as happens (in most cases) just before death. I hoped to discover this by reproducing the famous scene of a Buster Keaton film (this scene has been re-interpreted by a black artist called Steve McQueen and also by The Chemical Brothers in one of their video clips). The creation of the film, its difficulties, the re-installation of the set torn in a storm and the risk undertaken (the 6-meter-wall is impressive but scary when falling), forced me to face continually the irrationality of the project. Therefore, I had to choose carefully the architectural element to confront. I borrowed the austere and pure form of the house, designed by Wittgenstein for his sister, whose proportions ooze the kind of cold rationality which is the exact opposite of the invention that brings this video to life.